It is very essential for an online business to have an edge over others in the search world because it is the direct source of customers. This can be achieved by ensuring that your site comes up on the first two pages during any searches for product/services you deal in.

SEO is the process of tailoring a website according to search engine needs i.e. the conditions or requirements that search engines are looking for. In other words it is the process of obtaining optimal search engine and directory placement for a search engine query through regular manipulation of titles, acronyms, meta tags, descriptions, body text content, graphics and page format.

When an online business is rolled over the internet, its success and failure lies on the amount of traffic that it receives. The more the targeted traffic a business website receives the more it prospers. SEO is all about bringing the most targeted traffic to a website. It is proven by a survey that 90% of the customers visiting on online store or a service website are directed through the search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Temoa etc.

At Signalwebsolutions we believe that a search engine optimization company should look for individual needs of the clients and offer any guidance or help after due analysis. We use our proven search engine optimization and placement techniques to rank sites in top positions. Various Search engines use different algorithms in their indexing process and change the criteria at times. We have developed unique methodology that caters to all the needs of overall placing of a website. With hands on research and extensive knowledge of the algorithms used by the search engines, we configure your web pages to optimize so that they rank at good positions in the list of search engine query results.

We use proven and ethical methodology for the optimization of websites. Each step is pre planned and highly accustomed to search processes. Our process of SEO starts with the following steps:

A website must first be analyzed to examine various SEO Friendly and SEO Unfriendly Features. Some design features can be harmful towards optimizing a site. In such cases we redesign affected portions after intimating the owner. It is equally important to analyze the websites of your competition, since there is a struggle between various websites dealing with similar products/services to take the top slot and in the process displace some other website! Based on this analysis a strategy is worked out for Optimizing the website.

Keyword Determination and Selection
We discover the most ‘effective keywords’ and keyword phrase queries for each of your concerned domains – whether your targeted customers are investors, consumers, other businesses etc. Keyword analysis is the base for any SEO campaign because these are the words that your prospective visitors will be typing in the search box of a search engine and ultimately finding your website. Therefore, good know how/understanding and command over English is needed for choosing the right keywords.

SEO Ready HTML Markup
HTML optimization involves the optimization of Meta tags, alt tags and all other HTML tags that web crawlers or search robots tend to read. Blending the SEO techniques with HTML markup yields a pure SEO friendly page and as a result ranked higher. Complete markup synchronization is very important for the overall success of the SEO campaign. We check HTML coding and carry out HTML validation.

Title, Description & Keyword Tags Building (Meta tags)
Title tag definition of a webpage is the most important constituent of an optimization process. The key to a good title is short yet descriptive. We do a great deal of R&D on defining the title of a webpage and present the most effective and brief title of the homepage and varying titles pondering on individual keywords aspects of respective pages.

Meta tags are defined in a proper format and content. A Meta description tag defines the description of a webpage and is read by the search engines after the title tag. Therefore it should be a blend of keyword rich content and brief regarding length. Too long descriptions are discarded by search engines. Hence, a clean brief and keyword intense description Meta tag is constructed and placed in all pages. Similar to Meta description tag there is a Meta keyword tag which should represent the main keywords of the page. Proper consideration is given while defining these tags so that there is no flaw left in the website optimized by us.

Crawler accessibility
We ensure our client website to be readily crawler accessible. Crawler accessible means freely allowing the crawlers to visit each and every page. However, there are certain paid sections of websites that are not to be made freely available to the general public. For such restricted access a robots exclusion protocol is defined, directing the robots or crawlers not to index specific pages and directories.

Content Development
SEO specific content development is highly important for search engine optimization because search engines are always looking for good quality content so as to offer the best search experience to their users. Therefore good content development automatically attracts search engines. This service is an additional add on regarding the optimization campaign that we promise. However, we do offer quality SEO-centric content development services at reasonable prices.

Manual Submissions
Once each of the above activities is completed, then comes the introduction of the website to various search engines. This introduction involves the submission of website to search engines. We submit a website to 400-800+ search engines and directories. We undertake only manual submissions, no automated software is used, so as to ensure the effectiveness of submissions. Manual submissions are the most effective part of the whole SEO process and within the next deep crawl of SE’s the website starts appearing in the search results.

Link Building
Search engines prefer sites which are linked to good sites dealing with similar products/services. We have in house capability to provide required number of inbound and reciprocal links.

Site Map
It is essential that a website has proper site map, to assist the robots in crawling the site efficiently. We make one if it is not there or redo the existing one to the required standard.

SEO Results take time to Show Results
An SEO process takes about three months and in cases even more to show results. This is
accentuated by the fact that search engines normally update their information only once a month or so.